IT Consulting

IT Consulting Services

Our more than 12 years expertise in IT industry allows us to help our clients to troubleshoot complex problems in their systems, design cost efficient and reliable solutions, eliminate chaos and put hardware and software into order. At ASD Solutions LLC we can help in these processes by analyzing your corporate goals, technology requirements and how a system can be implemented or improved to achieve your goals. Our consultants are professionals in:

Project Management
These days IT projects become more complex and requiring more skills, technology, and resources. The most important thing in the project build is planning. With good planning comes clear goals, objectives, and deliverable and ensuring appropriate resources and skills are present and/or available. We at ASD Solutions can assist your personnel to define these key objectives, required goals and produce a project plan. If it is required, we can manage your project and get it done on time.

Troubleshooting, performance tuning

Problem happened to your system? Services do not work properly anymore? Performance of your servers has been decreased? Experts at ASD Solutions will analyze & fix the problem, optimize your environment, so it will work with a maximum outcome.

Building Disaster Proof Solutions

It’s not rare when companies neglect redundancy of IT systems until their business stops due to a hardware failure or a software error. Whatever can halt your business for an undefined term: broken hard disk, network or electricity failure, bugs in software or even natural disaster. ASD Solutions will design, develop and implement a Disaster Proof Solution which will save your data and keep services working even with one or more failed components. Using the latest technologies in Clustering, Data Backup, Load Balancing we can deliver a solution that will reduce downtime of your business critical services.

Implementing Configuration Management Solutions

Do you know the amount and type of hard disks, memory, switches and other Configuration Items used in your organization? What kind and what version of the OS is installed on each server or PC? Where is one or another IP address is used? What will be affected if some system component is changed? Lack of this information is not a big problem in a small environment. But when it comes to enterprise infrastructure it can be a headache. We will learn your infrastructure and processes and offer a CMDB based solution. Configuration Items can describe a single file, a service or an entire IT system depending on your needs. The goal of using a CMDB is to help you understand the relationships between components of IT infrastructure and track changes. The main success factor of implementing a CMDB is the ability to automatically discover information about the Configuration Items (auto-discovery) and track changes as they happen.

Migration to Virtual Platform

Virtualization is getting very popular now days and the reason is not a secret. This technology allows to increase the utilization of costly hardware resources, to have much more control over system and to build scalable and robust solutions for a reasonable price. ASD Solutions will help you to make the right choice of the virtual platform, develop and implement solution precisely fitting your requirements. We can develop migration plan from physical to virtual servers for complex production systems.