Mobile App Development

Outsource Mobile Application Development

A huge shift towards mobile computing is going on in the world. For many businesses it has become essential to have own mobile application that allows to increase number customers. For mobile users it means that they can do much more and much quickly. Computing platform has significantly reduced in size, revolutionized the way people & businesses use them. Smartphones have enough power to be able to run multitude applications simultaneously. These mobile apps can enable an individual or a business work force to get access to important information on the go.
ASD Solutions has deep knowledge and experience in applications development for the modern mobile platforms, such as BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android. We can design and create either native or HTML5 based applications for your business. Our company can help you with end-to-end development of your product for smartphones, considering about:

    • Usability
    • Connectivity
    • Data Synchronization
    • Portability
    • Features


Our experienced developers team can help you with:

  • Native BlackBerry 10, iOS and Android Application Development

    To get a maximum outcome from the platform we can help you with developing native applications.
  • HTML 5 Development

    HTML5 is supposed to work seamlessly across mobile platforms and browsers. The application doesn’t have to be specific to Android, BlackBerry or Apple device. That means savings in development costs for you. Many OS/device APIs are available for HTML5 applications, so the applications can have the same features as native apps, but development will take less time. In development we use high performance frameworks Sencha and WebWorks, that allows to take advantage of hardware acceleration and delivery incredible app experience rival to native applications.
  • Mobile Advertising and Monetization

    ASD Solutions can help you not only with App development, but also with monetizing the traffic to the App by integrating advertisements from various mobile ad networks. This allows you to make money even while offering an application for free.
  • In App Purchase

    We can implement “In App Purchase” into your app – API which allows mobile users to initiate the purchase of digital goods from within the application. For example, this API can be used to allow users to purchase additional levels in a game, music files from a sound application, or any other digital good. This approach gives a possibility to publish a full version of the app for free, but its addons, levels, extra features would be at cost and bring you income.
  • Application Testing

    Mobile Application Testing takes time and requires special skills. Our team has rich experience in applications testing.