Outsourcing – mutually beneficial cooperation

IT outsourcing is a business practice of transferring IT assets and services, employees, rented equipment and management to an external company. It provides a possibility for company managers to avoid a headache with IT management process and concentrate their attention on a core competency.
Professional IT companies like ASD Solutions LLC perform IT tasks quickly, with a high quality and for less money than the internal IT-staff, especially when IT is not the main company’s business field. Of course, it’s not easy to make right decision about outsourcing. Success of using services from an external company instead of self owned resources depends on many different things. We hope our experience and competency will help you to run IT services better, with less downtime and it will give your company advantages over competitors.

What purposes of outsourcing below are most important to you?

    • IT expenses reduction;
    • Technology development;
    • Concentration on core competencies;
    • Fixed size of IT budget;
    • Concentration of IT personnel on most important operations, such as design and architecture of IT systems;
    • Routines could be transferred to an external company;
    • Provider can run all IT functions;
    • Staff downsizing;
    • Expenses under control.


We use three levels of sourcing:

    1. Transferring specific tasks which could be out of customer’s competency to ASD Solutions LLC. Such case implies short term contracts.
    2. Transferring projects to ASD Solutions LLC. This could be either a short term or a long term contract. This strategy is ideal when there are not enough internal resources or it’s too expensive to run the project without advanced competence in specific IT areas.
    3. Full IT infrastructure outsourcing. In this case IT service is run by ASD Solutions LLC exclusively. Such strategy is the best for a company which can’t make investment into the informational technologies.




Please contact Us to define reasons to go for outsourcing.