System Administration

System Administration and Support

At ASD Solutions we provide IT system administration services for the small and medium companies that do not have their own IT staff. However large companies could as well reduce their expenses on IT with our help. We are looking for a long term relations with our clients by accomplishing small and large projects. ASD Solutions provides professional and reliable services for a moderate charge.
Our clients are located in different places of the world, we work locally on site and remotely. Every customer is unique and we learn client’s needs deeply to offer the best solution.
Mostly we deal with the Open Source Software – that’s why our solutions have real advantage in cost. But we also have a good technical background with a high-end commercial software. Our technical experts will bring their experience and intelligent approach to your business.

We can perform a wide range of regular system administration tasks. You don’t need to have your own IT staff and hire system administrators. Using our service you will pay only for the work hours. It is a cost effective approach for your business.

System Administration

    • Administration of High End Servers such as Sun Microsystems E25K and E6900;
    • Administration of Enterprise level Servers such as IBM Blades Center;
    • Administration of Linux, Solaris and AIX systems;
    • System Troubleshooting & Debugging;
    • Network Management (WAN’s and LAN’s);
    • Disaster Recovery (Bare Metal Recoveries – BMR);
    • Software installation & configuration;
    • Directory services such as RedHat Directory or OpenLDAP;
    • Backup plan & implementation;
    • Php/Perl/Shell/Bash System scripting services;
    • Performance tuning;
    • Log management;
    • Servers and services monitoring.


SAN and Storage

    • Planning, building and managing SAN;
    • Setup and configuration of Brocade switches and disk arrays.


Security & Firewalls

    • Security audition, update and hardening
    • Linux router firewall design/configuration
    • Security alert and upgrade management
    • Disaster Recovery


Application Support & Management

    • Deployment, configuration (remote deployment set of servers with Red Hat Satellite and IBM Director);
    • Managing OS parameters, kernel tuning, patches installation;
    • Routing management with BGP, static routing, policy routing(zebra, quagga, iproute2);
    • IP – multipathing configuration;
    • DNS server configuring and support;
    • DHCP server configuring and support;
    • Mail system configuring, support, spam protection (postfix, popa3d, openwebmail, cyrus-imapd, dovecot, clamav, spamassassin);
    • Squid proxy server configuring and support, load balancing, traffic filtering;
    • Samba server configuring and support (Unix and Windows systems integration, DC);
    • Tunnel building (pptpd, vtund, ipsec, xl2tpd, ppp over ssh);
    • Building of the monitoring system (MRTG, RRDTool, Sarg, Webalizer, Nagios,SNMP);
    • Web server configuring and support (Virtual hosts,HTTPS,clustering);
    • FTP server configuring and support (wu-ftp,vsftpd, proftpd);
    • SSH server configuring and support (OpenSSH);
    • Application server deployment and support (Resin, JBoss);
    • Data Base administration (MySQL, PostgreSQL);
    • Radius (FreeRadius) configuring and support, integration.
    • Data backup (HP Data Protector, Fsbackup);
    • File systems encryption (LUKS, dm-crypt);
    • File systems manage (Veritas Storage Foundations, LVM,SVM, RAID).